From Foreign Faculty

  • In December 2015 I had the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Finance University and stay there for one month period during which I was delivering lectures for SFU students on International Tax Law. I was deeply impressed not only by the excellent campus, teaching and accommodation facilities offered for foreign lecturers and also students, but above all by the hospitality and friendly atmosphere during the whole stay. I am very satisfied that I had the experience to teach SFU students and exchange research and teaching experience and future mutual cooperation in different fields with my Chinese colleagues.

    ——Deputy Head of the Centre of Tax Documentation and Studies,University of Lodz, Poland

    -- Dr., Ziemowit Kukulski

  • I was invited to give a lecture at SFU the first time in 1996 when I was a faculty member at Indiana University, Bloomington. Since then, I have seen SFU’s growing from a domestic college to an international university. Now I consider SFU one of the best in the same league in internationalization by looking at the quantity and quality of international students on campus. This remarkable development in my view was due to a collective effort of the faculty, students and administration under exceptional leadership. In particularly, I praise the strategies and efforts taken by the International Exchange Office. Upon their invitations, I had a great pleasure to offer the course “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in the past three years for their international students from all over the world. I also had the opportunity to share my experience in international teaching and research with their faculty members. Above all, I had the honor to exchange my personal views of university innovation, leadership and internationalization with SFU’s top administration. The exchanges with SFU make me truly believe that SFU is embracing a bright future in internationalization. I look forward to the opportunity of taking part in their future again.

    —— Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

    -- Distinguished Professor, Feng-Kwei Wang

  • We visited Shanghai Finance University to attend the seminar on Comparison of Sino-Polish Pension Systems and Reform, which was organized to exchange the research experience and let us learn that Chinese and Polish demographic problems are quite similar. The seminar was very fruitful and we plan to conduct mutual research concerning comparative analysis of the pension systems in both countries.
    During our visit in SFU we have also an opportunity to visit campus. We were impressed by the campus and the training base for the future experts in finance and insurance which seems to be unique. We were warm welcomed by our hosts even during official meetings. We also need to point out great professionalism of International Exchange Office and nice atmosphere, which was accompanying us during our stay in SFU.

    —— Department of Finance and Strategic Management, University of Lodz, Poland (head of Polish delegation)

    -- Full Professor, Dorota Witkowska

  • I came to Shanghai Finance University in this summer under the “Overseas Distinguished Professor” program.  During my first month at SFU, I gave a seminar to the faculty of School of Information Management, presenting my recently published research on the helpfulness of online review.  We had an interesting discussion on how the theoretical model developed in my research could be applied in the real world to distinguish true online reviews from those “fake” ones.  I also gave a presentation to the faculty and students of Department of Law on current legal issues of IT and e-commerce.  Students posed some very good questions on the regulation of bit-coin, Internet censorship, intellectual property of big data, etc.  In addition, I met and talked to many administrators, professors and students at various events.

    I am very impressed by the ambitious visions of university leaders to build a leading finance education institution in China.  I am also impressed by the professionalism and warmness of staff, particularly those at the International Exchange Office and Personnel Office.  What impresses me most is the knowledge and communication and research skills students possess.  I look forward to the class I am going to teach in the coming weeks, and the opportunity of interacting with faculty and students more.

    —— College of Management, Long Island University Post Campus, New York, U.S.A.

    -- Ph.D., J.D., Professor, Ling Zhu