Lixin Fencing Team Visited the University of Notre Dame

From March 12 to 20, the 20-person delegation of Lixin fencing team paid an exchange visit to the University of Notre Dame. During this period, they engaged in skill and cultural exchanges with the members of the fencing team of the University of Notre Dame.

During the nine-day exchange visit, the members of Lixin fencing team trained, competed and lived together with the members of Notre Dame fencing team, and learned from them scientific physical training skills, advanced fencing skills, tactical training theories and “training-science-medicine”-based sports team management system, especially their advanced and innovative motions in personal exercises. At the same time, they fully experienced the university’s practical sports talent cultivation system, efficient sports management operation system, rigorous training & competing style and unique connotations and charm. Its scientific and rational market-based sports team operation pattern and its effective event and player propaganda methods have actively driven social support to and investment in university sports, promoted the development of individual players and elevated the overall level of university sports. This has an extremely high reference value for the future planning and development of Lixin fencing team.

Through consultation between the two universities, the University of Notre Dame plans to pay a return visit to Lixin in 2018. Established in 1842, the University of Notre Dame is a top 20 private university in the US. Its fencing team has a long-standing and fruitful history and has won eight NCAA championships and 33 individual championships; 165 of its members have won the title of “Elite Student Athlete in the US”. It also has many alumni with NCAA and Olympic titles.