Municipal Women's Foil Team of SLUAF Won the 3rd Place in 2016-2017 National Fencing Championships

On April 14-24, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province welcomed 2016-2017 National Fencing Championships (third round) & The Fencing Preliminaries of the 13th National Games (second round). The municipal women's foil team of SLUAF, by virtue of their perseverance, won the third place in women’s foil competition.

In the women’s foil group competition held on April 22, Shanghai team ranked the first place, and rested. To create an opportunity of direct entry into the semi-finals, Yunnan team, also represented by the municipal women's foil team of SLUAF, turned defeat into victory in the 1/8 finals through the continuous scoring by our team member Xu Mengxu. After defeating the powerful PLA team, Yunnan team helped Shanghai team directly enter the semifinal. In the semi-finals, Shanghai team stubbornly resisted the attack by Fujian team, but eventually failed by 28:33. In the completion against Tianjin team for the purpose of seizing the third place, Shanghai team played very smartly and tenaciously, and ultimately won the game and the bronze medal by 37:31. It was a hard-won bronze medal.

To prepare for the Fencing Preliminaries of the 13th National Games, each coach and player have invested a lot of energy and efforts. It’s our hope that the municipal women's foil team of SLUAF will show a mounted courage as the competition advances, and will lay a solid foundation for winning medals at the 13th National Games.