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Mayor of Kolding, Denmark Visits SLUAF

Source: School of International Exchange Contributor: Yao Jie Text: Yao Jie Image: Yao Jie Design: International Exchange Office

On June 12, with his party, mayor of Kolding, Denmark, visited SLUAF, and was cordially received by our president Tang Haiyan and vice president Chen Jingying.

J?rn Pedersen fully affirmed the Confucius Classroom jointly launched by SLUAF and International Business Academy of Denmark, and said that the IBA Confucius Classroom had exerted a very significant influence on promoting the understanding and learning of Chinese language and traditional Chinese culture by local people and had started a craze for learning Chinese language, and that the local government had actively encouraged and would continuously support the cooperative building of the Confucius Institute by SLUAF and International Business Academy of Denmark. Related leaders of the International Exchange Office, the School of International Exchange and the School of Finance attended the seminar. The two sides not only exchanged their opinions about Sino-Danish trade, green science & technology and other topics, but also proposed a series of constructive suggestions regarding the cooperative building of the Confucius Classroom by SLUAF and International Business Academy of Denmark.

Kolding is the city where the Confucius Classroom jointly built by SLUAF and International Business Academy of Denmark is located. As a city with a long history, rich cultural life and developed economy, it is situated in the main economic delta of Denmark, and the fifth largest city of this country. Kolding has provided energetic support to our building of the Confucius Classroom.

Since its launching in 2015, the Confucius Classroom has become a friendly bridge for the language and cultural exchange between China and Denmark, and an important platform for cooperation and communication between the two countries. In the future, efforts will be made by both sides to upgrade it to the level of the Confucius Institute, and, through the breakthrough of language and cultural barriers and the integration of economy, business and trade, it will become an important window for Sino-Danish trade and exchange.