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The First Overseas Alumni Association of SLUAF Established in Japan

Source: President’s Office Contributor: International Exchange Office Text: Yao Xiaodong Image: Yao Xiaodong Design: International Exchange Office
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After one-year preparation, the first overseas alumni association of SLUAF, Alumni Association in Japan, was formally established in Tokyo on June 4. Present at the opening ceremony to jointly witness this great moment were Gu Xiaomin, vice president of SLUAF; Watanabe, dean of the School of Sino-Japanese Communication of Chiba University; Guo Shiyu, honorary chairman of Chinese Overseas Student Association; Wu Zhonghua, first chairman of Alumni Association in Japan; and more than 30 alumni representatives in Japan.

First, Gu Xiaomin expressed her congratulations to Alumni Association for its establishment in Japan on behalf of SLUAF, stressed the importance attached by SLUAF to the alumni in Japan, and said that Alumni Association in Japan, as the first overseas alumni organization of SLUAF, marked the internationalization process of our alumni work with historical significance. Gu also expressed the hope that Alumni Association in Japan would play a role of a bridge, gather and serve the alumni, strengthen the connections between SLUAF and our alumni in Japan and contribute to the friendship between China and Japan. After that, Gu presented a flag to Alumni Association in Japan.

Watanabe extended his congratulations to Alumni Association in Japan in fluent Chinese. Guo Shiyu also expressed his warm congratulations, and his sincere hope that the association would strengthen both the vertical contacts with SLUAF and the horizontal connections among alumni, and that the alumni would make joint efforts to promote the further development of SLUAF.

Wu Zhonghua, first chairman of Alumni Association in Japan, said that he would uphold the spirit of SLUAF in leading the association, unite the forces of overseas alumni to seek concerted progress and growth, and repay SLUAF for the care and cultivation with action and success.

The association also invited three Japanese consultants, i.e., Yoichi, Aso and Masaya, who received honorary certificates awarded by Gu Xiaomin. They all expressed their congratulations to Alumni Association in Japan, and wished its healthy growth and development.