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Harvard Professor Richard N. Cooper Appointed as SLUAF Guest Professor

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Dr.Richard N. Cooper, Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics at Harvard University, former Secretary of the United States, was appointed as SLUAF guest professor in 21st, Sept. He later gave an academic speech.

In the morning, Professor Tang Haiyan, also President and Vice Chief of SLUAF Committee, welcomed Professor Cooper in the antechamber of foreign guests. President Tang and professor Cooper had an in-depth exchange of views on SLUAF history, university management and academic cooperation. President Tang Haiyan officially issued to Professor Cooper the appointment certificate of guest professor. Vice president Chen Jingying, principals from the department of scientific research, the department of discipline construction, international office and College of finance were also present.  

Later in the day, Vice president Chen Jingying presided over a seminar, in which Professor Cooper gave an academic speech: The World Economy under President Trump. Professor Cooper passed his inspiring opinions on the new policies of President Donald Trump’s administration, current situation of American economy and the impact of Chinese economic development. After delivering his speech, Professor Cooper carried on in-depth conversations with the School of Finance on co-building the teaching faculty and further academic cooperation.

The appointment of Professor Cooper will enhance the internationalization of SLUAF, as well as the level of communication and collaboration with overseas academic institutions.