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Lecture Given By World Bank Scholar

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Scientific Research Office, School of Insurance, together with Insurance and Pension Research Center jointly organized a lecture on 14th, Nov. The guest speaker was Mr. Robert J. Palacios, Lead Social Protection Specialist, Head of Global Pension, World Bank. Over 50 faculties and students attended the event hosted by Ms. Wan Tsingyao.

Mr. Robert J. Palacios, a renowned expert on global pension and social insurance, played a significant role in renovating and mapping-out frameworks of government pension and social welfare for over 40 countries around the globe, offering consultancy for decision-makers. His experience goes back to as early as 1995, when he successively took positions in World Bank branches located in 12 countries. Mr. Robert J. Palacios does research into the running, consultation and related topics over social insurance policy, and was deeply engaged in the renovation and design of pension system in several countries, especially those in South Asia. A prolific author, Mr. Robert J. Palacios published writings on poverty of the old, health insurance and pension policies, including    Averting the Old Age Crisis: Policies to Protect the Old and Promote Growth, a most influential publication on forging the three-pillar system of global pension. Most of his theses are carried by prestigious academic journals or publishing houses such as Oxford University Press.

Mr. Robert J. Palacios paid the special visit to SLUAF for the unveiling ceremony of insurance and pension research center and the forum entitled “Global Pension System and the Social Policy Consultation to the Government”. Mr. Robert J. Palacios began with principles of designing a pension system before introducing the most recent information and trends on global pension reforminvoking a series of first-hand cases and professional experience of his own. He made a point in explaining how top-level design in national policies and international organization could offer consultation for governments.  

The speech suggested a strategic insight into the combination of theory and practice, enriched by a comprehensive and objective introduction of global practice. The audience said their knowledge was refreshed on alternative modes and major challenges and chances of pension policies around the globe.