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Unveiling Ceremony of Insurance and Pension Research Center Held in SLUAF, Followed By a High-Profile Forum

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Unveiling ceremony of insurance and pension research center, followed by a high-profile forum entitled “Insurance and Pension Innovation: Global Trends and China Practice”, was held on Nov. 13th. The event was hosted by SLUAF, organized by School of Insurance along with Insurance and Pension Research Centre, and was supported by Shanghai Insurance Industry Association and Insurance Society of Shanghai. Over 100 reputed experts and high-level administrators were present in the ceremony, including Robert J. Palacios (Lead Social Protection Specialist and Head of Global Pension of World Bank), Professor Zheng Bingwen from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, (director of American Institute), President of Shandong University of Finance and Economics Zhuo Zhi, Clement Cheung Chun Tong (Vice president of Union Life Insurance Co. Ltd.), together with delegates from over 40 companies and academic institutes. Li Shiping, Chair of the University Council met the guests, and said SLUAF will strongly support research and academic exchange over related topics, optimize resources and contribute to pension development in Shanghai. An opening speech by SLUAF’s vice president Chen Jingying started the ceremony.



Against the backdrop of an expanding aging population in China and around the global, experts talked over developments and innovations of pensions, health insurances and commercial insurances, as well as financial and economic professional education. The discussion around the most recent advances and trends in global pension reform was also inspiring, shedding lights on a new pathway to implement government policies and to foster an innovative thinking in insurance education.



Keynote speeches delivered by leading scholars and two roundtable dialogues over topics “Health and Old-age Support with Aging population” and “Technology, health and Pension“ respectively functioned as threads running through fruitful communications on share concerns in these fields. Brilliant ideas from attending guests inspired a deeper understanding of challenges in the new age and offered new perspectives in reforms and borrowing global experience into local practices.

It is the mission of the forum to offer a platform for industry, academies and universities to explore new ideas in policy implementation of finance and insurance, push ahead the connection between research and practices and promote new modes in education. The academic discussion in the event will propel insurance development and merge into the effort in building Shanghai into an international insurance centre.


The newly established insurance and pension research center serves as a bridge to connect experts to School of Insurance of SLUAF, dedicating their wisdom to policy-makers in working out strategies on aging population.

President's Office, Scientific Research Office, international office and publicity office of SLUAF also engaged themselves in the event, which was real-time webcasted via www.ljzfin.com. Presses such as Shanghai Finance News and CNS Photo also reported the event.