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The International Student Team Participated in Shanghai University Dragon-Boat Race for International Students

Source: School of International Exchange Contributor: Ding Hanxia Text: Ding Hanxia Image: Ding Hanxia Design: International Office

On Jun. 3, the Tenth “Bank of China Cup” Shanghai University Dragon-Boat Race for International Students, hosted by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Association of International Student Education, was successfully held beside Tonghai Lake on Fengxian Campus of East China University of Science and Technology. The international student team of the School of International Exchange of SLUAF gathered with more than one thousand international students from 29 universities in Shanghai, including Fudan University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, etc., and jointly experienced the glamor of traditional Chinese culture through participating in this event. Notwithstanding the professional teams also participating in this event, our team still fought in high spirits and with full energy with other teams, and ranked the tenth place with 58.99s, the best score in the history of SLUAF since participation in this event.

After registration for the race, the members of our team attached great importance to this event, having not only fully utilized extracurricular time to engage in physical training, but also received many off-campus on-site trainings. From gesture correction to coordination, they overcame numerous difficulties with their firm faith and joint efforts, gradually growing into a highly united team from a bunch of strangers, and demonstrating good competition skills and great teamwork spirit.

Since its launching in 2008, Shanghai University Dragon-Boat Race for International Students has won the welcome and favor of international students, having become an important event and classic event for the activities of internationalized campus culture of universities in Shanghai. The event has not only reinforced the friendship among international students from various countries, but also strengthened their exchange of ideas. Through the combination of traditional Chinese culture and foreign culture, international students gain more understanding of the connotations and inherent qualities of traditional Chinese folk culture.