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The School of International Exchange Organizing a Kite-flying Activity for Foreign Students

Source: School of International Exchange Contributor: Guo Guojiao Image: Guo Guojiao Design: International Office

The spring is the season for hiking and kite flying. On April 19, the School of International Exchange organized a kite-flying-themed cultural experience and hiking activity for our foreign students, and attracted more than 40 students from Denmark, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Laos, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, etc.

After getting a rough idea with interest about the historical and cultural knowledge and preparation method of kites, they began to make their own kites through framing, pasting and coloring. After a little while, many beautiful and colorful kites emerged from their hands. Then, they marched to the Century Park, and began to fly their kites under the instructions of teachers. Seeing their kites flying high up in the sky, they smiled happily in the beautiful sunshine of the spring.

Thrilled with the experience throughout, they said at the end of the activity that more such cultural experience activities should be organized. As one of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese cultural experience series activities organized by the School of International Exchange, this activity aims to improve foreign students’ understanding of Chinese traditional culture, strengthen their communication and enrich their extracurricular life.