LI Hong

LI Hong

Professor of Accounting,
Tel: (86-21) 50218612
Email: lihong@sfu.edu.cn


Teaching: Financial management  Corporate Finance

Research:Financing management and cost control



1988.9-1992.6  Heilongjiang business school, major in accounting, Bachelor of Economics, Study committee member

1998.9-2001.4 Harbin commercial university, major in business administration, Master of Management

2001.9-2004.6  Northeast Forestry University, major in Forestry economy management, Doctor of Management



The essays "The New Mode of Production and Marketing of Domestic Demand Expansion" and "the Scientification of Investment management of hotel industry in China" were awarded the third prize of social sciences research excellent results of Heilongjiang Province in 2002




Full Time

1992.07-1995.05  Harbin pharmaceutical companies ,Accounting Supervisor                   

1995.05-2002.12  Harbin Business university,School of Tourism management,Associate Professor

2002.12-2005.06  Hebei economics and Trade university,Business Administration School,Director of Tourism Management Department

2005.06-2008.08  Hebei economics and Trade university,School of Tourism management,Director of Tourism Management Department

2008.08-2010.02 Shanghai Finance University,school of Accounting ,Professor of Financial Management Department

2010.02-Present Shanghai Finance University,school of Accounting ,Vice secretary of General Party Branch,Professor


Courses taught

Financial Management,Corporate Finance



(1)"Corporate Decision-making under the impact of uncertainty",published in "Financial management experts ".2009.5

(2)"The analysis of the choice and impact of stock listing approachs of Shanghai Hotel Industry",published in "Financial management experts ".2009.8

(3)"The research of the financing of Shanghai Property Type Hotel",published in "Management Experts ".2009.10

(4)"The decision and risk control of corporate financing approaches",published in "Management Experts ".2009.11

(5)"The Hypothesis testing of the existence of the informal organizations in Shanghai star-rated hotel",published in "Business Economics".2009.11

(6)"The analysis of the expected impact of New Edition of Accounting Standard on the Quality of Accounting Information",published in "Journal of Harbin Business University".2009.11  

(7)"The research of the execution of Accounting Standard"——from the Aspect of Supervision,published in "Economic research".2009.12

(8)"Corporate Financing Environment",published in "Management Experts ".2009.12