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Mr. Dong Weizhong Gave an Academic Lecture on the U.S. Tax System in the Financial Industry

Source: School of Finance and Public Administration Image: School of Finance and Public Administration

In December 2015, President of the United States Public Consulting Ltd, Mr. Dong Weizhong gave an academic lecture to the students of the School of Finance & Public Administration. The topic of his lecture was "the U.S. Tax System in the Financial Industry". In addition, Mr. Dong also discussed the U.S. capital gains tax in details and presented tax planning cases on PPP projects.

Mr. Dong also attended the conference for2015 teaching quality promotion and teaching experience exchange organized by Faculty of Public Finance & Administration.. As a tax practitioner with more than 30 years of experiences in tax advisory services, he contributed a few suggestions for the promotion of teaching quality, especially on how to lift the teaching quality of tax related courses. His major suggestions were grouped into three aspects: firstly, to provide high quality tax accounting course to students since in the U.S. the tax accounting services (especially the deferred tax computation for US companies which have subsidiaries in China) will generate significant service fees to tax advisory firms; second, what courses should be contained in the course list for a typical tax major; finally, to invite tax practitioners to deliver tax practice courses to our students.

Mr. Dong’s wonderful lecture and valuable suggestions has constituted one portion of our continuous international exchange and cooperation in teaching and scientific fields. We are looking forward to having more chances to organize such events in the coming year of 2016.