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CMUA Professor Gave Lectures at SFU

Source: School of Information Management, International Exchange Office Text: SHEN Yuehong Image: NI Yuehui Design: International Exchange Office

On September 24, Dr. Riza Esmailzadeh,Professor, Management of Information Technology of Carnegie Mellon University Australia (CMUA) and Ms Faith Young, Director of Strategy and Development of CMUA visited SFU. Dr. Esmailzadeh gave a lecture titled “Digital Transformation and Education of Future Digital Leaders” to SFU junior students majoring in E-commerce. Dr. Esmailzadeh gave a lecture from the perspective of comet distance, predication of stock share prices and Chinese go to underscore the importance of information and the future demand of information talents. Dr. Riaz encouraged SFU students to overcome the language and psychological barrier and have the courage to raise questions.

After the lecture, Vice President CHEN Jingying, Professor HU Naijing, Dean of School of Information Management and Mr. LI Weidong, Head of International Exchange Office met with the guests and discussed the possible cooperation in the areas of information technology and management.