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Confucius Classroom at IBA Participated in the Week of Danish Culture

Source: School of International Exchange Design: International Exchange Office

On August 26 local time, the Confucius Classroom at International Business Academy (IBA) participated in the Culture Week of Southern Denmark held in Kolding on an annual basis. During the activity, Confucius Classroom offered many elaborately prepared cultural experience activities, which consisted of three parts, i.e. artistic performance, culture experiences and exhibition of Chinese textbook. The specific contents included Chinese music, Chinese songs, traditional Chinese drama, Xinjiang-style dance, Chinese tea art, calligraphy, painting and textbooks to promote Chinese course. It exhibited Chinese culture and charms to citizens in Kolding for the first time and attracted thousands of audience and hundreds of participants. President Niels Egelund, faculties and students of IBA and the Kolding Entrepreneur Association also participated in this activity.

During the artistic performance, the Confucius Classroom specially invited Chinese zither artist Grace Jin Lyu from Royal Danish Academy of Music and her student, Joseph, a violinist from Portugal, to play famous classical Chinese music together, such as Homebound Fishermen, High Mountain and Flowing Water and Butterflies over Flowers. During the cultural experience, Chinese tea art and tea-tasting was most popular among Denmark audience. Xu Xiaoqing, Principal of Confucius Classroom from Chinese side introduced the long history of Chinese tea culture, varieties of tea and methods to make tea and discussed the differences between Chinese tea and western tea with local residents. Local residents also showed great interests in calligraphy. Both adults and children were intoxicated with it. During the exhibition of Chinese textbooks, many citizens who were interested in Chinese got to know about Chinese curriculum provision. Besides, the most influential newspaper in Southern Denmark made an exclusive interview with Ildiko, Principal of Confucius Classroom from Danish side. Many local news media also covered the Confucius Classroom.