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The Chinese Ambassador to Denmark Visits Confucius Classroom at IBA

Contributor: Xu Xiaoqing Image: Xu Xiaoqing Design: International Office

Recently, Den Ying, Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, and accompanying personnel came to Confucius Classroom of our University at International Business Academy (Denmark), visited the offices and classrooms, and had an informal discussion with Xu Xiaoqing, the Chinese leader of Confucius Classroom, and three teachers - Zheng Yue, Chen Ting and Tan Aimei.

Deng Ying heard Xu Xiaoqing’s report on the operation and rapid development of the classroom, expressed satisfaction with Confucius Classroom’s geographical advantage in Denmark, fully recognized the rapid increase in registered students of Confucius Classroom, wide coverage of cultural activities, and advancement in all-round cooperation with local universities, governments and enterprises. She also recommended us reporting the work experience to the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark. In addition, Deng Ying encouraged the faculty to foster confidence in culture, further promote Sino-Danish cultural, educational and business exchanges, and serve as ambassadors for folk cultural communication, and remarked that the Embassy would provide Confucius Classroom more support in the future.

All staff of Confucius Classroom assisted the embassy in organizing the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Danish Family Association which adopts Chinese Children and also the spring festival gathering, and taught children to make Chinese paper cutting, sing New Year’s songs, and memorize poetry of Tang Dynasty. The staff all expressed that they would work diligently in language teaching, spread of culture and business communication, and contribute to the spread of Chinese culture.