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New Semester of Confucius Classroom

Source: School of International Exchange Design: International Exchange Office

Since its start on September 5, the Confucius Classroom in International Business Academy, Denmark, has received applications from over 130 students. Among other, the course of Level 1 Entry-Level Chinese is most popular and attracts 64 students.

The Confucius Classroom of this semester sets up three courses, namely Level 1 Entry-level Chinese, Level 2 Entry-level Chinese and Fundamental Business Chinese. It was originally planned to recruit 5 classes. Since there were so many applicants, 2 classes were added. By far, there are totally 7 classes and 130 students. All students are curious about China and make great efforts to learn Chinese in class. In International Business Academy, you’ll hear the greetings in Chinese anywhere.

Since released in October 2015, the Confucius Classroom of the International Business Academy has kept improving itself and become a language and culture bridge to connect China and Denmark as well as an important platform for the communication between the two universities.