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Confucius Classroom of Denmark Celebrates the Year of Rooster

Source: Confucius Classroom at IBA Contributor: XU Xiaoqing Text: Xu Xiaoqing Image: XU Xiaoqing Design: International Office
Keywords: Chinese New Year

On 10th of February, Confucius Classroom at the Danish International Business School hosted the New Year’s celebration of welcoming the Year of Rooster. Both the Chinese and foreign dean of this classroom as well as over hundred teachers and students participated in this celebration together. 

There are not only dumplings, Tangyuan, candy and other delicious food, jasmine tea, Pu’er Tea and other Chinese Tea prepared in the Confucius Classroom, but also the Latern Riddles, Chinese culture knowledge quiz and cultural experience activity of DIY dumplings; meanwhile, the students are organized to watch the Spring Festival Gala and other programs, and the Chinese New Year was fully demonstrated from vision, taste, hearing and other aspects. Among which, the hand-made dumplings and Jasmine Tea turned out to be everybody’s favorite. From making the dumpling skin to dumplings, the students watched and learned every step carefully, and also tried their own ways to make the dumplings, then took the dumplings they made home. 

To inspire foreign students to love Chinese culture, the beautiful panda toys as well as chopsticks, the traditional Chinese tableware, were specially prepared as gifts for the students who solved the riddles and the teachers participating in the activity. Enjoying the scent of Jasmine Tea, tasting the delicious dumplings and Tangyuan, and watching the Spring Festival Gala, the teachers and students of the Danish International Business School once again experience the strong atmosphere of Chinese New Year.