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Chinese Teaching of Confucius Classroom delivered good news

Source: Confucius Classroom at IBA Contributor: Xu Xiaoqing Text: Xu Xiaoqing Image: Xu Xiaoqing Design: International Office

In mid-January, the results of first HSK Level 1 of Chinese proficiency test were unveiled at the Confucius Classroom at Danish International Business School. A total of 22 candidates from 10 countries, including Denmark, Poland, Hungary, etc. took part in the examination and only one failed, achieving good average score of 163.73 points, in which the average score of listening test was 79.55, and reading 84.18. Two candidates got a full score of 100 for listening test, 4 candidates got full score for reading test, and Dominika Murinova, a student from Slovak got a full score of 200 points for both tests and ranked first among all the candidates. 

Confucius Classroom held its first HSK exam on December 16th, 2016. In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination, Xu Xiaoqing, the head of the Confucius Classroom, carried out the exam counseling Q & A for the candidates. Students said that after taking the exam, their confidence of learning Chinese had been increased, and would continue to participate in the next phase of HSK Level 2 of Chinese Proficiency Test. HSK test results will provide convenience for the foreigners to study in China, as well as for the application of scholarships and work in China.