Delegation Led by Global President of ACCA Visiting SLUAF and Signing the Cooperation Agreement

Source: School of Accounting Contributor: Ma Lina Text: Ma Lina Image: Ma Lina Design: International Office

On May 25, the delegation led by Brian McEnery, Global President of ACCA, visited SLUAF, together with Liang Shuping, Director of China Affairs, ACCA, and Zhu Xiaoyun, Chief Representative of ACCA in Central China. They were warmly received by Tang Haiyan, President of SLUAF, with related staffs of the School of Accounting also attending the meeting.

Tang Haiyan, President of SLUAF, welcomed Mr. McEnery and his party on behalf of SLUAF, and they engaged in exchanges of ideas regarding the cooperation status between SLUAF and ACCA, the future cooperation prospect between the two sides and many other topics.

Tang said that the ACCA-oriented talent cultivation quality of SLUAF had seen significant improvement under the support of ACCA, and that quite many students had achieved high grades in ACCA’s global examinations (two of them ranked the first place in China and the third place worldwide in succession in the P2 and F8 single-subject courses of ACCA’s global examinations). The examination site of SLUAF is the only paper-based examination site and graded computer-based examination site of ACCA in Songjiang District, Shanghai. SLUAF wil  also sign the ACCA teaching cooperation agreement with ACCA, which will deepen the close cooperation between the two sides, improve the ACCA-oriented talent cultivation quality of SLUAF and build up a high brand for ACCA education.

Mr. McEnery thanked Tang for the invitation, affirmed the ACCA-oriented talent cultivation quality and academic strength of SLUAF, and rated SLUAF as one of the fairly high-quality cooperative universities of ACCA. As a global organization, ACCA values the cooperation relationship with universities, especially with SLUAF, and has received lots of support and assistance from SLUAF in the past long-term cooperation. Talking about the ten-year close cooperation with SLUAF, Mr. McEnery expressed gratitude for the long-term friendly cooperation, and his pride of such cooperation and expected closer cooperation between the two sides in the future.

Shao Jun, Dean of the School of Accounting, introduced t to our guests the basic contents of the cooperation agreement to be signed between the two sides, as well as the talent cultivation measures to be taken by us under this agreement. Under the support of ACCA, SLUAF will incorporate nine examination courses specified in the teaching program of ACCA into the undergraduate teaching program for the accounting major pursuing the second Bachelor's degree, and will select 100 outstanding students from the universities based at Songjiang University Town to constitute an ACCA-oriented minor program class. Students in this class who have completed all the courses in the teaching program will be exempted (under certain conditions) from the examinations of the F1-F5 courses of ACCA’s global examinations; after successfully obtaining their Bachelor of Accounting Degree, they will be formally exempted from the examinations of the F1-F5 courses.

After that, on behalf of SLUAF and ACCA respectively, Tang Haiyan and Brian McEnery signed the cooperation agreement on the ACCA-oriented second Bachelor's degree education of SLUAF.