SLUAF Team Won Three Awards in 2017 China University Business Challenge (CUBC)

Source: School of International Economics and Trade Contributor: Wei Pingping Text: Wei Pingping Image: Wei Pingping Design: International Office

In 2017 China University Business Challenge (CUBC) held in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province on May 25-29, our two participating teams instructed by Dou Ran and Yang Ji, both teachers of the School of International Economics and Trade, performed very well and won the first prize, the third prize and a “Best University Organization Award”. The challenge was a national business education discipline competition jointly hosted by the Steering Committee on the Teaching of Economics and Trade in Higher Educational Institutions under the Ministry of Education, CCPIT Commercial Sub-Council, CCOIC Commercial Sub-Council and China Convention and Exhibition Society.

The challenge conducted its selections and reviews nationwide, with the aim of investigating the trade negotiation ability of university participants. Its contents consisted of four parts, i.e. participation proposal, negotiation booth poster design, new product release-meeting and business matchmaking & trade negotiation, respectively accounting for 10%, 20%, 20% and 50% of the total score. All the links were expressed in English, imposing extremely high comprehensive requirements on the international trade knowledge and business oral English of students.

The team headed by Wei Ping Ping (consisting of Jin Yuting, Zeng Si’en, Luo Liqun, Li Qiumo, Xu Cheng, Wang Zhefan and Jia Zhijie) selected the educational toys of Zhejiang Muwan Toy Co., Ltd., and focused on publicizing the “educational, environmentally-friendly and healthy” features of the products; the team headed by Wang Lu (consisting of Zhang Lejia, Qiao Tianyi, Gaoge, Shi Yan, Wu Yiting, Huang Lei and Cong Linjie) selected the multi-purpose hats of Qingdao Headwear Clothing Co., Ltd., and highlighted the “sun-proof, environmentally-friendly and quick-dry” features of the products. In the links of poster design, product release-meeting and role play, both of them focused closely on product features and advantages, having deeply impressed the visitors and judges.

The entire challenge consisted of five parts, participation proposal, product release-meeting, product exhibition, business negotiation and post-exhibition summary, lasting for six months from registration to conclusion. Through participating in such competitions, we strengthened our communication and cooperation with other universities, broadened the horizon of our teachers and students and promoted the cultivation of applied, composite and innovative talents in the field of international trade.