SLUAF Hosts Accounting Industry Development Summit & Golden Finance Signing Ceremony in the Internet+ Era

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On May 25, Accounting Industry Development Summit in the Internet+ Era was successfully held in the Experimental Teaching Building of Songjiang Campus. The summit was jointly undertaken by the School of Accounting of SLUAF and Golden Finance, having received energetic support from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (AACA). Present at the summit were more than 30 well-known experts, scholars and top entrepreneurs from ACCA Global Headquarters, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Golden Education. Co, IKEA, CIFI Group, Bosch China, Ping An Group, KPMG China, Johnson & Johnson and Alibaba. Before the summit kicked off, Golden Education. Co and the School of Accounting held a strategic cooperation signing & donation ceremony. The activity was attended by Tang Haiyan, President of SLUAF; He Peili, Director of Alumni Affairs and Education Development Office; and principals of Communist Party and administration of the School of Accounting.

Tang Haiyan, President of SLUAF, delivered the opening speech of the summit, in which he introduced the basic situation and development ideas of the new university since its establishment through merger, expounded the work achievements made by SLUAF in recent years in the field of accounting talent cultivation and affirmed the active role of the all-win industry-university-research cooperation-based education pattern.

Mr. McEnery, Global President of ACCA, delivered a keynote speech entitled “New Challenges Posed by Global Business Environment to Financial Leaders” in the context of globalization, provided an in-depth insight into the high-level requirements of global business environment on financial practitioners, and also pointed out the forward direction of financial development in this context for the teachers and students present. Sun Zheng, Vice Chairman of the Accounting Society of China, Member of Chinese Accounting Standard Committee and Professor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, analyzed the reform and industrial development of management accounting in the Internet era, explained profound theories in concise language, interesting approaches and forward-looking viewpoints. Following the pace of the era and sticking to accounting practice, Yang Xin, Assistant to President of CIFI Group and General Manager of the Group’s Financial Center, introduced the talent selection, employment and cultivation rules of enterprises in the “Internet+” era in the form of case-sharing, and presented a full-scale discussion of the strategic transformation of HR management under the new production pattern and intense market competitions.

In the summit dialogue link themed by “CFO Leadership Improvement- Career Transition and Value Creation”, many down-to-earth experts shared their work experience and growth reflections and exchanged their ideas and viewpoints, including Wang Guobei, financial service partner of KPMG China; Liu Zhemin, Project Director of the Financial Sharing Service Center of Bosch China; Sheng Cong, Financial Director of Alibaba, etc. The collisions of the sparks of original thinking brought out an excellent and frontier professional development course, an accounting practice value course and a career selection development course for the audience. During the event, the experts, with great patience, also answered questions raised by students, and the summit proceeded in a warm atmosphere throughout the whole course, followed by rich contents and active interaction and exchange of ideas.

The summit received close attention from eastday.com, Shanghai Hotline and many network media.