CUE Visiting Professors teach at SLUAF

Source: International Office Contributor: Chen Xiong Image: Chen Xiong Design: International Office

On March 27-28, Krzysztof Wach and Adriana Paliwoda-Matiolańska, both professors from the Cracow University of Economics (CUE) in Poland, visited Lixin for teaching programs under Erasmus Plus.

Professor Krzysztof Wach is the Head of Department of International Trade, CUE. During this visit, he delivered academic lectures on commerce and trade in Europe respectively to the faculties and students of the School of International Economics and Trade. In the communication with the faculties of the School of International Economics and Trade, Professor Wach introduced the current status and features of trade in Europe, interpreted the focuses and hotspots of current academic studies, and gave his prospects of Sino-EU economic development. Professor Wach also met with the leaders of the school, and they jointly discussed the construction of specialty courses, the building of overseas exchange platforms and other topics of mutual interest.

Professor Adriana Paliwoda-Matiolańska, from Department of Trade and Market Institutions of CUE, is an expert in the hot disciplinary field of corporate social responsibility. During her visit, she introduced the frontier and hot research topics in the academic field of “corporate social responsibility” to the faculties and students of the School of Business Administration, and had communication with the teachers. The introductions and communication offered by professor Paliwoda-Matiolańska offered many references and benefits to the course construction on“corporate social responsibility”of the School of Business Administration.

CUE is the largest university of economics in Poland, and SLUAF signed a memorandum of cooperation intention with CUE in the end of 2014 and successfully applied EU’s Erasmus Plus in 2015. In 2016, four teachers and administrative staff (Li Hongcheng and others) and two students (Dong Xiaoqi and another student) of SLUAF visited Poland for exchange under Erasmus Plus.