An Unforgettable Experience in Poland - Exchange in Cracow University of Economics

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Time flies, flies, with the first bell rang, as if still in a foreign country yesterday, I was pulled back to the classroom. In this semester, I have already become a junior student, being ready for taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools, planning the future, but my heart still cannot forget the foreign half-year study time in Poland.

By chance, I started my journey

There is a saying goes, “The girl who loves laughing will be very lucky.” thank God for letting me become that lucky girl. I have never thought that I would go abroad to study during the undergraduate study life. By chance, my friend told me the “Erasmus +” exchange program. It was the first time that this project opens to countries outside of EU, and we could apply for EU scholarships, the policy was very good. I tried to fill out the application form. When I received a call which told me that I passed the interview, I felt very excited, but also bore the pressure. Because before going abroad, I must spend time on practicing English. When submitting all of the information, I put my heart and soul into IELTS. I finished the school’s examinations on July 1st, applied the IELTS test which will hold at the end of August, then began my busy study life. I never had the same motivated feeling in learning English as this summer, after more than 40 days' efforts, I got the final grade of 6 points, to some extent this was already a satisfactory answer.


Big Family


My Student Mentor from CUE

Orientation Week, we get along well with each other

I arrived in Krakow on 23 September, as an exchange student under Erasmus Plus, the school will arrange a student mentor for each of us. With the help of my mentor, all problems of coming in a new country were solved smoothly. My roommate was a girl from Serbia, who loves playing basketball, learning also never sloppy. A week before going to school, coordinator arranged a week-long orientation, a variety of activities, such as Campus tour, Let Me Out,Bowling,Sightseeing,City Games. The last three days we went out for camping to see the natural scenery of Poland. Fancy games are familiar to each other, and there is no binding, the kind of atmosphere made us were old friends in the party. 260 exchange students from 39 countries, regardless of the national boundary at the moment, different cultures were intergrated the spark of friendship in the conversation.

Colorful life, learning and happiness


Cracow University of Economics is the largest economic university in Poland and it is honored for me to have a study experience here. The first day in school I received my student card, indulged in the castle-style building, the huge campus, the coming and going foreign smiling faces, I still could not believe that I began the "American drama life".

Bright and spacious library simply let you could not resist learning in this atmosphere. In addition to the first floor where you can borrow books, the second floor is the discussion area for the study group to discuss projects, the third floor is a larger study room, with cabinets for storing items, and there are individual computers on the table. With carpet on the floor, the library makes people feel quieter. 


Speaking of the courses, because it is an university featured with economics, I exactly major in Finance, so selected courses are related to finance. I chose seven courses, including Polish, a total of 30 credits, which means that I was under a great pressure this semester. I have to go to school on every weekdays, and in addition to Introduction to management and Polish, the other five are large classes-- lecture and workshop two forms of class. Lecture is always held in a hundred-people classroom, the teacher talked about some of the concept of knowledge. Workshop each lesson is only 20-30 people, teaching content are lecture stresses part, practical training, doing the task or completing the paper or reports in groups, etc. Generally every week there are three time periods and students can choose classes according to their time. Compared to the domestic teaching system, I prefer foreign teaching mode, we have no textbooks, teaching materials and PPT are uploaded to the site by teachers, students can print out. In Banking lessons, we were required to analyze the profitability of a bank and give presentation. In Introduction to management class, each group has a learning subject, basics and definitions that require us to study before class, and listen to the E-lessons of the course. During the class, each group do their own posters, as shown in the photo. As for the final thesis, is a teamwork needs 3-5 people, in the discussion of mutual learning, the paper finished very efficiently. 


International Finance teacher is very funny, he is particularly interested in Chinese culture, and often talks about China's economy. His wife Regina was learning Chinese, and we were also learning Polish, we learned together, several times "Chinese-Polish Class" let us experience the charm of language. At Regina's invitation, we had the privilege of visiting her primary school to spread Chinese culture. Students were very active. When we saw them learn Chinese, write Chinese characters, make the Chinese paper cutting, we were full of pride, I really hope that the Chinese culture could be spread more places.




Extracurricular practice and experienced life are necessary 

In addition to daily learning, we also participated in the Erasmus organization's social activities. One time is go to a local junior high school, along with students from Kazakhstan, Germany, Turkey, Italy and other countries. At the same time we also visited the school, I had to say that the school's teaching environment, hardware facilities and teacher resources were first class, the school put more emphasis on students operational ability. In addition to the corresponding laboratory, the school arranged baking courses too. While learning the knowledge, students could also cultivate the ability to live independently.


Travel episode, a blessing in disguise 

When it is thought that everything is going well, it seems that fate is about making joke with you. During Christmas we went to Italy to travel, unfortunately, when we arrived in Rome in the morning, near the subway station, my shoulder bag was stolen. At that time I was surprisingly calm, thinking that place exactly next to the monitor, and it was six o'clock in the morning, just few people, so if I come to the police, I have a great chance to catch thieves. But I ran two police stations, the eyes full of help were powerless faced to the police relentless words "It's gone". I started to recognize the fact that Rome was called "thief's heaven", for situation like mine happens every day, the police eventually ignored. But if the police crackdown on criminals, it absolutely will not become so rampant. I can do nothing only fill in the report to apply for a new passport. When I applied passport and visa, I also encountered difficulties. What is worse, the hard times coincided with the review period, it is inevitable disturbed and upset. Fortunately, along with things are resolved, and finally all the tests were passed with satisfied grades, suddenly I found those days I had grown a lot of. Friends always stood by me, making me feel the warmth of family. Presumably I still want to thank the accident encountered, so that can I become more calm and brave, let me see the world full of love. All the difficulties that you have overcome are exactly what shape you.

Come out and feel the wonderful world

Thanks to the opportunity to exchange abroad which made my college life more colorful. Some people think that going abroad is just to travel, to play, let alone learning, I could not agree. If you are good at managing your own time, knowing when to do, avoiding the cart before the horse, I believe you will use your spare time, Experience different customs and culture, broaden your horizon. Going abroad does not mean you are better than others, but will certainly prove that you are better than yourself compared to before!


Stranger, I also bless you.

May you have a bright future.

While the sun is not dry, the breeze just right.

While the time is not pass.

Do what you want to do.

Since you have made your choice.

Just go ahead!

May you be happy in the future.

I only wish to face the sea, with spring blossoms.