Erasmus Plus Project, Teaching at CUE

Source: School of Statistics and Mathematics Contributor: Li Hongcheng Image: Li Hongcheng Design: International Office

Four teachers of us in Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance were fortunate to be invited to teach and communicate at Cracow University of Economics. We arrived at Krakow airport at about 11pm on the 13th of November. Two students from previous Shanghai Finance University and their guide student, a Polish friend went to the airport to pickup us. We all arranged to live at Chopin hotel. On next day morning, the staff in the International Affairs Office of CUE, Renate and Miciek Pyrzynskiwent to Chopin Hotel to visit us and give us a brief guide tour of CUE campus and showed us around. I was surprised that the university has reserved their historical building and related material so well. In the main historical building we saw the old day telephone and lots of historical things. The photos of all previous present of the university were all well documented in the building.

After the tour we all sat together in a coffee bar under their office to discuss the detailed arrangement of our coming teaching and training schedule.


Visiting the historical museum: historical document in the museum


Document of the previous president of CUE


In the noon time of the 14th of November, we all sat together to discuss the detailed training and teaching plan.

Start from the 15th, Ms. Pan and I started to teach according to the schedule. The picture below was taken during my teaching. All students were interested in my teaching. I was so excited about that.


I hoped that everyone can benefit from the short course. I collected some feedback from students and wanted to know whether I should adjust the content or the speed of teaching a little bit. From the three feedback emails I can see that all of them were positive. Some students hoped I can show more practical case studies. I adjusted the handout accordingly on the second day.




After I finished the teaching, participated students showed that they like the course very much. They hope I can sign some certificate for them, therefore it could be helpful for their future job. The administrators in the Student Affairs Office of CUE were so nice that they printed the certificate and I happily signed the paper for all participants.

On the 17th of November after I finished the teaching I visited professor Jozef Pociecha, the head of the department of Statistics. We exchanged ideas on the research and teaching of Statistics on our universities. Professor Pociecha kindly gave me his new published books as gift. He hoped that the two universities could have more cooperation in the future.