International Week of Erasmus + Staff Mobility

Source: Student Career Office Contributor: Han Chen Image: Han Chen Design: International Office

Being part of the International Week (IW) at Cracow University of Economics (CUE) , May 7th to 11th, 2018, was an exhilarating yet overwhelming experience for me. It’s my first time been to such a well-coordinated event, it provides me a great opportunity to meet other international teachers and exchange great ideas with them. The activities planned for us throughout the week gave me a unique insight of international education. We were also introduced to various resources- like attending lectures, having discussions, visiting student career center office, communicating with local students- that were meant to help me succeed in my life and future works.


CUE made me feel welcome and comfortable in Cracow. The beautiful weather and brilliant activities planned by CUE lifted my spirits and helped me to create some great new ideas to my work. Meeting a bunch of 30 people from every corner of the world but all speaking English, can be pretty exciting! Apart from the lectures, what made the IW really worth it, was the discussion with all the people about the importance of multi-culture. The significance of diversity and the open mindness were also some of the things that I learned and which I knew would help me for my future work. There was not a moment in the entire week, when I felt confused or unsure about being there.

Since i have been working in student career center in Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance ( SLUAF) for 5 years, in the fourth day during my stay I visited the Student Career Center in CUE. The Student Career Center was established in January 2000. It’s a team of four people and two of them are career advisers. Each year they serve about 4500 students. We do have some common works like creating a platform between the students and the companies, enabling students to gain professional experience, supporting graduates on starting their career and providing companies with dynamic and enthusiastic candidates. As we can see from the two charts below that students from SLUAF and CUE both are very interested in working in the accounting and finance field.



And it's great that they have some projects like Erasmus+ Internships Program and various European projects to help students find good job opportunities out of Poland.


I also attended a lecture about China, Hong Kong and the World Economy, which was given by Prof. Gregory William Whitten (Lingnan University HK). I have learnt much from Prof. Gregory's penetrating and challenging view of China, and its role in the international financial community. It is not uncommon to talk of the growth of China and prosperity in the last two decades in terms of superlatives. The Polish students are also very curious about the economy of China, they had a very good communication with the Professor and the atmosphere of the lecture was very active.


At the end of the IW, I felt a unique sense of community. I could say it not just develops my international networks, but also really helps me to generate new ideas and best practice to my work, discovers alternative ways of working.