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Professional Practice in America

Source: School of Business Administration Contributor: CAI Jingjing Text: CAI Jingjing Design: International Exchange Office

In order to cultivate students’ international view and cross-culture communication capacity, and to experience themselves the work environment of American finance marketing industry, late in August, a team from School of Business Administration, made up of a total of six students, sophomore and junior, who major in Financial Marketing, went to America for a two-week overseas professional practical teaching activity under the leadership of Professor Wang Xiaoguang.

The team paid a visit to such famous universities in United States as University of Chicago, Northwest University, Georgetown University, University of Washington, University of Maryland and University of Roosevelt. Professors majoring in marketing from those universities respectively gave the team some academic reports which all impressed our students a lot and provided them with an access to a better understanding of the marketing theories and its advancing trend in the industry of American finance. During the period in America, they also went to Chicago Board of Trade for an observation and to Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Wanda Group’s headquarters in Chicago and Morningstar Co, which ranks first in the American institutes of fund research and evaluation. Visits to such companies and talk with their department heads helped our students have a firsthand information of their operation. Besides, the team participated in a public lecture on financial development held by the Chinese Finance Association.

The activity surprisingly caught the attention of the Chinese mainstream media, a television station called Star of China, which specially interviewed and reported the course-completion ceremony held in University of Roosevelt for our students finishing their professional practical teaching activity in America. Star of China is the TV station that aims at serving overseas Chinese and reporting positively the general news between China and America. Many domestic official media also have cooperation relation with it.

In order to guarantee the smooth execution of the activity, School of Business Administration, under the support of our leaders and relevant departments, negotiated with the American education institutes for many times as to the aim, content and schedule of the trip and made repeated modification. Through the activity, our students have learned practical experience about international finance marketing which is very precious and helpful to the promotion of their marketing capability. And it also pushed forward the pilot work of the application-oriented marketing major.

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