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Special Exhibition of Artworks from the Shanghai Painting School Association to SFU Commences

Image: NI Yuehui Design: International Exchange Office

The Special Exhibition of paintings and calligraphy to SFU, jointly held by the School of Business Administration and the Shanghai Painting School Association of Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association as part of the program to introduce artworks to colleges, will be held between October 25th and November 8th in the Painting and Calligraphy Museum of SFU.

Shanghai style paintings and calligraphies are an important school of China’s modern and contemporary paintings. With the contribution and efforts of generations of Shanghai school artists, it has become an active and influential school, with artworks showcasing the inclusive generosity and magnanimity of Shanghai’s culture. The 120 paintings and calligraphies on display cover the works of celebrated artists including HAN Tianheng, GAO Shixiong, ZHANG Sen, LI Zhengqing, XIA Peimin, ZHU Chengwu, WANG Yanlin, ZHENG Xiaoyun, SHI Renrong, LI Simin, ZHOU Rongsheng, TAO Ruofang, ZHU Tongxu, JI Guo and SUN Xingchi, giving students and faculty the opportunity to appreciate excellent artworks without going outside school.

At the opening ceremony in the morning on October 25th, ZHENG Shenfang, consultant of the Calligraphic Education Center and party secretary of Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences, announced the opening of the special exhibition. WANG Xiaoguang, president of the college’s School of Business Administration, and ZHU Tongxu, Vice Standing Chair of the Shanghai School Painting Association delivered speeches on behalf of the hosts. QIN Puquan, head of the Publicity Department of the college Party Committee, WANG Ying, head of the Office of Scientific Research, and WANG Xiaoguang, president of the college’s School of Business Administration, awarded painters and calligraphers with honorary letters of employment as visiting professors. More than 10 painters and calligraphers interacted with members of the college’s Student Association of Paintings and Calligraphies, which was a precious opportunity for students to gain up-close knowledge of celebrated artists. The ceremony was hosted by LI Yuan, vice president of the School of Business Administration.

Our college has a tradition in calligraphy education, which dates back to the compulsory course begun in the 1950s. In 2013, the Professional Committee of Calligraphy Education under the Shanghai Association of Education established Shanghai’s first college calligraphy education base in our college. The college has put in place courses on calligraphy and art appreciation for students and held exhibitions of students’ calligraphies in Shanghai and other cities. In recent years, the college has held “Celebrating the Expo – Calligraphy Competition of Shanghai Students”, “Fragrance of Ink – Shanghai Education System’s Calligraphy Exhibition Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China” and “Calligraphy Passion and China Dream – Grand Calligraphy Exhibition of Shanghai Education System”, gaining widespread attention.

Anthology on Calligraphy and Art of Shanghai Colleges and Universities, edited by LE Feng and LI Liangzhi, faculty members of our college, was also launched at the opening ceremony.