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Recently, Den Ying, Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, and accompanying personnel came to Confucius Classroom of our University at International Business Academy (Denmark), visited the offices and classrooms, and had an informal discussion with Xu Xiaoqing, the Chinese leader of Confucius Classroom, and

Date: 9th Mar 2018

From 16th Nov. to 23rd, Nov., SLUAF Vice President, Professor Chen Jingying led a panel of five visiting HSBA (Hamburg School of Business Administration), University of Hohenheim, and IBA (International Business School), where the third Confucius Classroom Council conference was held. HSBA provides

Date: 29st Nov 2017

IBA Confucius Classroom celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival on 3rd October.Different types of Mooncakes were served which is the main element of the Mid-Autumn festival. Participants could choose from different flavors: yolk, lotus seed and red beans. Chinese exchange students of IBA surprised IBA Co

Date: 3rd Oct 2017

On Tuesday, 26th September IBA Confucius Classroom celebrated Confucius Day. The main focus of the event was Confucius, after whom the Classroom was named. Professor Gail Xu Xiaoqing introduced Confucius life, work and philosophy to the students which was followed by an interactive quiz about the

Date: 26st Sep 2017

On Tuesday, 30 May 2017 IBA Confucius Classroom held the Dragon Boat Festival to celebrate this long marked Chinese cultural holiday.IBA Confucius Classroom prepared some Dragon Boat Festival specialties: rice dumplings (Zongzi) with pork fillings in bamboo leaves and two types of spring rolls: with

Date: 12st Jun 2017

In mid-January, the results of first HSK Level 1 of Chinese proficiency test were unveiled at the Confucius Classroom at Danish International Business School. A total of 22 candidates from 10 countries, including Denmark, Poland, Hungary, etc. took part in the examination and only one failed, achiev

Date: 20th Jan 2017

Since its start on September 5, the Confucius Classroom in International Business Academy, Denmark, has received applications from over 130 students. Among other, the course of Level 1 Entry-Level Chinese is most popular and attracts 64 students.The Confucius Classroom of this semester sets up three

Date: 6th Sep 2016

The room buzzed with Danish, English and Chinese languages, underlining the fact that both the aim of the day and the atmosphere were very much international.No fewer than 100 guests, representing at least 18 nationalities, had gathered under one roof at this opening reception at ?legaarden.Kolding’

Date: 30st Jun 2016

In the afternoon on October 28 (local time), theinaugurating ceremony for the Confucius Classroom at International BusinessAcademy was held in Kolding, Denmark. The Chinese Embassy in Denmark, Ministryof Education in Denmark, Mayor of Kolding, Denmark, politicians on variouslevels, famous enterprise

Date: 9th Nov 2015