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On June 8-9, SLUAF ceremoniously held its Undergraduate Commencement 2017 on Songjiang Campus and Pudong Campus, respectively. Present at the ceremony were university leaders Li Shiping, Tang Haiyan, Lu Haibo, Xu Mei, Wen Jingchun, Wan Feng, Chen Jingying and Zhao Rongshan; leaders and deans of rela

Date: 12st Jun 2017

Gathering of thousands of students, families, friends and teachers, photo-taking around campus, hugging, exciting talks about jobs – all indicate that it’s the time of the annual Commencement, when the new batch of graduates wave goodbye to their schoolmates and embark on the new journey outside the

Date: 30st Jun 2016

On June 26, the commencement ceremony ofSino-Danish Program for 2015 graduates was held in the lecture hall ofLaboratory Center. Mr. Nicolai Prytz, the Consul General of Denmark inShanghai, Mr. Jorgen Dalhoff, foreign supervisor in charge of Sino-Danish Program,Mr. Peter Kiser, the representative of

Date: 29st Jun 2015

On Jun. 25, the grand graduation and degreeawarding ceremony for 2015 undergraduates was held at the SFU Theater of theStudent Center. The 2015 Commencement Ceremony started withthe national anthem of China. President WANG Hongwei has affectionatelydelivered a speech to all graduates on behalf of th

Date: 26st Jun 2015