Major Courses

Political Economics

Content: Conformed to the needs of social and economic development, the course systematically introduces theories and methodologies of Marxist political economics, including theories of goods, money, labor value, capital increment, capital accumulation, capital circulation, circulation of social total capital, surplus value distribution, monopolistic capitalism and socialistic market economy. Learners of the course can acquaint themselves with principles and methodologies of Marxist economics, enhance their abilities to find, analyze and solve problems and lay a solid theoretic foundation for learning further specialized courses.


Prerequisites: Calculus

Content: The course is the micro part of western economics theory, including theories of supply and demand, consumers’ behavior, production, costs, market structure, factor market, welfare economics and microeconomic policies. Learners of the course can master basic theories of western modern microeconomics and lay a solid foundation for learning further specialized courses.


Prerequisites: Microeconomics   

Content: It is a higher level course which applies basic principles and comprehensive knowledge of economics to the exploration of scientific foundations and demonstrative data needed by effective macro regulations and controls such as running system, growth track and fluctuation pattern (proportion) ofChina’s economy for over 40 years from a micro perspective. The course consists of: (1) Introduction: concepts of macroeconomic running, aggressive index of macro economy and methodology; (2) Determination mechanism of national income: national income equation, growth path of national income, growth law of two divisions, optimization of accumulation rate and model of economic fluctuation; (3) Macro accumulation structure and its efficiency optimization: rational proportion of accumulative investment and analysis and optimization of investment efficiency; (4) Structure optimization of main industries: rational proportion of growth of industry and agriculture, rational proportion of urban and rural economy, optimization of average wage, rationalization of value and price system; (5) Macro money circulation and financial optimization: macro money circulation model, rationalization of credit balance and optimization of government incomes and expenses.


Prerequisites: Western Economics, Advanced Mathematics       

Content: As an important branch of economic science, the course integrates economics, statistics and mathematics, devoted to explaining facts in the fields of consumption, production, investment and finance with econometric models and making economic forecasts and macroeconomic policy analyses and assessment. It consists of introduction, estimation and application of line shape model of the single equation and establishment and analysis of group's model of the simultaneous equations. Through class study, learners can be equipped with the ability to use econometric methods combined with economic theories to analyze and study economic behaviors quantitatively. 

International Economics (English Teaching)

Prerequisites: Western Economics, College English (IV)

Content: The course mainly introduces relevant principles of international economics, including international trade theory, the causes of international trade, influence of international trade (the terms of trade and trade benefits), the trade theory of the non- perfectly competitive market, the international flow of production factors, international trade policies, the principle and policy of international finance, balance of payments, foreign currency and exchange rate as well as theoretic models related to the above-mentioned principles. Learners of the course can understand and grasp the trend of contemporary international economic development and change.

Development Economics

Prerequisites:  Western Economics

Content: The course covers the index system of economic development, economic development and growth theory, the capital formation theory, population and employment theory, human capital theory, natural resources and sustainable development theory, agricultural modernization theory, industrialization and urbanization theory and international economic order theory. Learners of the course are endowed with the ability to further explore the law ofChina's economic development in the future.

Financial Economics (English Teaching)

Prerequisites: Western Economics, Advanced Mathematics, College English (IV)

Content: As a new course integrating finance and economics, it observes and analyzes financial issues with the thought model and research approach of economics. It covers describing the monetary system environment with the theory and method of economics, optimizing the effects of financial institutions’ overall arrangement, financial transaction and financial policies with the help of improved costs comparison and practice expenses theory, depicting monetary demand and supply equilibrium with factor analysis and function model, researching the speed of money flow and the increase or decrease in financial input and output with marginal analytic approach, investigating information asymmetry and moral risks in financial market, etc.

Historical of Foreign Economic Theory

Prerequisites: Political Economics, Western Economics

Content: The course introduces academic thoughts of famous Chinese and foreign economists, including their academic viewpoints, features and research methods. Through the study, students can learn morals and research spirits of Chinese and foreign economists, grasp dynamic information of economic research frontier home and abroad, broaden their specialty field, improve their ability to research and thus establish foundations to be cultivated as inter-disciplinary applied, innovative and internationalized talents.

International Investment

Prerequisites: Western economics International trade International Finance

Content: This course mainly introduces the  basic concept, characters, types, nature , production and development of the international  investment, and the international investment economic effects, international investment theory, international  investment partners and international investment object, the main international investment environment appraisal, the international  investment policy management, the international investment laws and  regulations management, international investment risk management, Chinese international investment, and so on.

Foreign Trade CorrespondenceBilingual

Prerequisites: International trade practice

Content: This course mainly introduces the common used foreign trade term, commercial letters writing and unified expressions in English,  contains the key terms abbreviation, standard telex form of the business relations establishment, inquires, order, foreign trade policy, counter offer, rejection to counter-offer, the confirmation of order, declining the order,   renewing a subscription, the form invoice, transferring business relations, the payment way, revising letter of credit, reminding issuing  letter of credit, the shipping notice, postponing letter of credit , loading, reminding shipping, the applying for amendment of letter of credit, the insurance, shipping, short term claim, settling claim, exchanges goods, and other business procedures.

International business negotiation (bilingual teaching)

Prerequisites: International trade International trade business

Content: This course mainly introduces the negotiation theory, the psychological research, the art in negotiations consideration, the negotiations organizing and the management, the negotiation strategies and the skills, investment, technique trade, the goods trade, and the  international leasing related with the foreign business negotiation, and so on. This course introduces the domestic and foreign negotiation theory and the achievements in practical development with a lot of domestic and foreign cases.

International Trade English

Prerequisites: International trade

Content: This course mainly involves international economy and trade fields, including the main specialized glossaries, the sentence pattern, the principal theories in English edition as well as the practical business knowledge, including some related international trade basic concepts, the current world economics  situation, the world market research, the trade policy, international  trade financing, expanding various overseas business, international investment, and so on.

International trade business

Prerequisites: International trade Economic law

Content: This course mainly introduces the elementary knowledge and the basic skill of the  import and export trade, including the related custom procedure, the trade convention and the  essential legal knowledge in the foreign  trade field.  The details include  commodity name, quality, quantity,  packing, price, shipping, insurance, payment, commodity inspection, claim, arbitration,force majeure, basic contents of the trade terms, the rules and the application,  the transaction consultation of the import and export  business, the contract establishment  and implementation, import and export  business trade ways, and so on.