International Finance

Name of specialty: Finance (International Finance)

Credit system: 4 years
Cultivation objective:
Through the professional training, students will be equipped with ethics, talent, health and beauty. This program is designed to provide students with fundamental theory, knowledge and skills on economic management, financial management, investment management and international bank management. They will grasp the ability of analyzing problems and solving problems. After fulfilling the program, students will be qualified as “applied, complex, creative and internationalized” professionals for working at all kinds of financial companies and other firms. 

Enrollment requirements:
1. One completed copy of Application Form, together with signature and photograph.
2. One regular passport photocopy (both of cover and personal information page – passport must be valid at time of study.)
3. One high school diploma photocopy. Certificates or documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated.
4. Corresponding transcripts – other versions should be translated into Chinese or English.
5. For Chinese taught Program:Applicant also should submit one HSK certificate photocopy (level 5 or above), or other materials proving a corresponding level of Chinese.

Cultivation Requirements
Students in this major are to have solid theoretical knowledge base and strong practical skills, in order to be in line with the development of innovations in finance industry and development of new products. We pay more attention to teaching theory and practical skill.
Through the professional study, the graduates have the following quality、abilities and knowledge:
1. Our graduates will be morally excellent and dedicated.
2. They should be healthy mentally and physically and willing to participate in the society.
3. They should be creative and willing to practice in their work.
4. Communicative skills and team-work spirit are required.
5. They should be good at expressing their ideas and be good at writing.
6. They should be proficient in computer skills.
7. They should have sound knowledge of economic polices, law and rules about economics and finance.
8. They should be able to make full use of basic skills of international finance.
9. They should grasp fundamental theory and technology of economics and finance.

Major Course:
Public Finance
Financial Engineering
Financial Markets
International Finance
Commercial Bank Management
Financial Risk Management
International Settlement
Financial Developments