School Introduction

School of Statistics and Mathematics


The statistics and mathematics institute has three bachelor’s degree programs: Statistics (economics degree), Mathematics Finance (economics degree) and Mathematics and applied mathematics (science degree). Besides, it consists of financial statistics department, financial mathematics department and mathematics department as well as financial statistics institute, financial mathematics institute. There are 33 teachers, among them, 74% of the teachers with the doctors degree. And the associated professor above titles accounted for 52%.

The statistics and mathematics institute focuses on the mathematical finance and Carry out the teaching and research around the fields of Computational Finance, Quantitative Finance, financial statistics and Risks Management, Data Mining in Finance. Our institute has the first research team to undertake the social science planning project. In recent years, More than 60 papers have been published in SCI and EI. Some young teachers have published papers on “Science in China” “Acta Mathematica Sinica” “Economic Research” “Statistical Research” and “Applied probability and statistics”.

We attach great importance to teaching and undertake the teaching task of the Advance mathematics and engineering mathematics. Besides, we have several outstanding teaching teams. Many teachers have taken the key project of the municipal education. At present, in order to teach students in according of their aptitude and cultivate creative compound talents. We have carried out the layered teaching of mathematic course and laboratory construction of mathematic.

We have excellent team which have made great achievements in social practice, technology innovation and mathematical modeling activity.


There are 33 staff including 31 teachers 1 counselor and 1 office worker,

15 Associated professor or above status and 1 economic manager,

Associate professor above titles accounted for 52%.