School Introduction

School of Finance and Public Administration

School of Finance and Public Administration comprises three deans and three research institutes, namely Department of Finance, Department of Taxation, Department of Public Administration, Municipal Finance & Public Administration Research Institute, Zhongshuirong Tax Assessment Center, Government Innovation & Public Policy Research Institute. Apart from an exclusive teaching laboratory, our school also has three undergraduate majors and four professional emphasis, including finance, taxation and public administration. 

There are 23 full-time teachers with master’s degree or higher, among which 91% have doctorate degree. Some of the outstanding teachers are national trans-century academic leaders, provincial academic leaders, “Shu Guang” project and “Chen Guang” project scholars, executive director or director in national societies. Besides, two teachers got Bao Gang Education Award and one won the title of national financial education advanced teacher. There are over 100 essays published in SCI, EI and CSSCI Journals till now. Many National Social Science Foundation projects and provincial key projects are finished under our faculty’s guidance, among which several research achievements receive an award, including one national second prize and five provincial first prize as well as second prize. In particular, our financial discipline innovation team is supported by central budget’s special fund. In addition, we forge two brand studies, that is Report Series on Financial Development of Chinese Cities and Public Economics and Administration Library.

School of Finance and Public Administration regards education as primary task, thus talent nurturing mode reformation is in full swing and education resources are in blossom. FinanceTaxation System in China and Public Administration ranks as municipal top-level course in Shanghai and Finance is not only listed as standard textbook in both “Tenth Five-Year” and “Twelfth Five-Year” in China, but also entitled the first prize of excellent undergraduate textbook. Management Psychology and International Taxation are among key courses in Shanghai. Faculty of finance earned the honor of best teaching team in Shanghai and was bestowed by Shanghai Education Commission a key project for developing its undergraduate education. Due to the emphasis our school placed on education reformation, we have acquired several key research project of CAHE and several teaching-reform projects of Shanghai Education Commission.

Our talents training mode pays attention to the combination of theory and practice, knowledge and experience, higher education and corresponding industry. Meanwhile, we also focus on cultivation of students’ moral character, nurturing their general quality, promotion of social adaptability and fostering entrepreneurship and international communication ability. Graduates from our school are equipped with high-quality, professional dedication, wide popularity, thus always enjoying a high level of employment rate and employment quality. 

Under the overall guidance of school management of “industrialization, sophistication, internationalization and informationization”, faculty and students of the School of Finance and Public Administration will work hard to reinforce the foundation and explore vigorously new ideas for cultivating innovative management talents, so as to make contributions to the brighter future of Shanghai Finance University.