School Introduction

School of Law

The School of Law, offers an energetic and creative learning environment for students coming from nearly every part of China with a diverse and dedicated faculty whose expertise span a broad array of legal subjects. The faculty includes more than 20 professors, full-time or part time, and more than 10 visiting professors, lecturers on law and instructors. The curriculum features more than 50 courses and seminars that cover a broad range of traditional and emerging legal fields, especially in financial sectors.

We have created a close-knit community of scholars, educators and students who seek to advance justice. Our core values-justice, professional integrity, public leadership and community service-guide all of our programs, activities and decisions. Our vision and mission statement: A law school dedicated to advancing human dignity, social welfare and justice through knowledge of the law. Our mission is to obtain excellence in educating professionals, advancing legal scholarship, serving the public and fostering justice.

At the School of Law, the extensive curriculum of courses and seminars are just part of the educational experience. Clinics, student journals, centers for research and study, Moot Court programs and opportunities to study abroad amplify students’ educations and permit them to shape their LL.B programs to reach their goals. Whether students are drawn to international legal issues, corporate practice, intellectual property, public interest and human rights law, or any number of subject areas, this Department has a depth of faculty, staff and opportunities to fulfill their interests.

In addition, the Department of Law is working to establish programs to provide joint postgraduate legal education with both domestic and international law schools, leading to a Jurist Master (J.M.) or Master of Laws (LL.M) degree.

Faculty and Staff

Mr. BO Haibao, Dean, LL.M., Professor of law, Advanced Lawyer, Chen Lin, Secretary of Party General Branch, Associate Professor of law, Su Hongfeng, Vice Dean, Associate Professor  of law,.


Academic research of the Department focuses mainly on Financial Laws, Financial Dispute Resolution, International Financial Center, Financial Ethics, International Business Law, Marxist Philosophy, and so on.

Majors and Courses

The School of Law, (LL.B.program in financial services law) prepares students for success in law practice, business, public service, teaching and so on. Students are pursuing a LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) degree and may take advantage of the advantages of SFU in finance, especially in the banking and financial sector.

The School of Law, SFU, delivers real-world learning to students combining law and legal theory with practical legal education, as well as critical intellectual thinking, reasoning, written and oral communication skills needed to be success. Students here benefit from the young and dedicated faculty and campus resources. Choosing from financial services law courses, students design their own programs of study tailored to specific interests in one of the four legal disciplines-Banking and Financial Law, Securities and Futures Trading Law, Insurance Law, and Trust and Asset Management Law.

The School not only offers 14 core law courses just the same as the other Chinese law schools do, but also features its curriculum as follows: Financial Law, Banking Law and Regulation, Negotiable Instruments Law, Securities and Futures Trading Law and Regulations, Insurance Law and Regulations, Law of Trust and Asset Management, International Financial Law, Legal English and so on.