Major Courses

School of Insurance


Pre-requisites: Economics, Finance

Contents: As a basic subject of insurance major, principles of insurance mainly introduces the fundamental insurance theories and concepts. During the course of teaching, we’ll introduce the present new research and study domestic and foreign insurance laws and regulations to analyze some practical problems. The main contents of this subject include: the principles of risk; basic concepts of insurance; the history of insurance development; the types of insurance and some new developing products in domestic market; basic principles of insurance; insurance contract; insurance rate and reserve; insurance market; development and prospect of domestic and foreign insurance market; reinsurance; insurance operation and management; insurance supervision, etc.


Property Insurance

Pre-requisites: Insurance

Contents: This course is a basic course to introduce property insurance business. It is based on the principles of property insurance and the operation or the development of property insurance market, mainly introducing some popular types of property insurance, such as fire insurance, family property insurance, vehicle insurance, boate insurance, airplane insurance, I ability insurance etc. In order to meet the needs of the fast development of the modern commercial economy, some new businesses are also recommended in this course, for example, profit loss insurance and credit insurance. In a word, the goal of this course is to help students to improve their practical abilities under the teaching method of emphasizing both theory and practice.


Life Insurance

Pre-requisites: Insurance

Contents: On basis of known the basic principle rules and methods of insurance, this profession course introduces life insurance, Health insurance and accident insurance. Contacted with the development situation of the international life insurance market ,the course introduces some new life insurance products, such as unit-linked life insurance, universal life insurance etc.; combined with the reform of social medical insurance, it introduces the target way and modal of the commercial medical insurance of our country. At the same time, the course analyses the standard clauses of life insurance policy, the methods of risk selection and claiming settlement, the company management system and structure, the government regulatory rules and contentions of life insurance company.


Interest Theory (Bilingual)

Pre-requisites: Advanced Mathematics,Linear Algebra,Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Contents: Study and master the calculation about interest measurement, basic annuity, common annuity. Master the calculation about the yield and loans balance. Understand the calculation about the bond price, premium and discount. Understand inform compensate bond, amortisation bond and their extend. Understand the application of non-contribution mortgage. Understand asset valuation model and option valuation model. Master the knowledge of interest theory, for life insurance actuarial and non-life insurance actuarial science.


Life Insurance Actuarial

Pre-requisites: Insurance,Interest Theory

Contents: The course is the major of insurance. Students are required to have a good command of the actuarial knowledge of life table and interest theory, master the biometric function, command how to calculate the single premium, fractional premiums and gross premium, command how to calculate annuity actuarial present value, understand the theory of the life insurance company and the methods of remain the actual reserve, understand how to calculate policy value, asset share, and dividend, know the knowledge of group life insurance and actuarial pension plan, master the method of simple life insurance product pricing, understand actuarial science take effect on life insurance management and invest decision-making.


Non-life Insurance Actuarial

Pre-requisites: Insurance, Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Statistics

Contents: The course is the major of insurance. It introduces non-life insurance actuarial rating, reserve and reinsurance retention. Students are required to master how to estimate claim frequency rate and claim amount, estimate premium, understand the deductions have an effect on premium, master the application of bayes expressions and credibility theory to experience rating, master no claim discount system frame and efficiency, understand national property insurance company reserve system and evaluate standard, master the methods about drawing outstanding claims reserve, understand modify IBNR, master reinsurance retention and optimal reinsurance


Risk Management

Pre-requisites: Insurance, Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Statistics

Contents: The course is the major of insurance. It is a management science about researching the risk rule and risk control. It is based on reviewing, forecasting, collecting, analyzing the risk uncertainty and possibility, establishing an systematic and scientific management. It in detail introduces risk identification, risk evaluation, accuracy of predictions, risk management, management evaluation and the methods of risk management. It also aims at the corporation risk, discussing the point and content of corporation risk manage decision. Introduce loss expectation theory, avail theory apply to risk management.


Social Security Studies

Pre-requisites: Insurance

Contents: Students are required to study master the origin, nature and effect of social security, knowing the type of social security system in different country, mastering the reason and means of the social security system’s reformation and know its moving pattern. This course aims at the social security system’s the reformation of China.By introducing its history, actuality and the reformation’s principal, goal and direction. Students are to master the investment principle、direction and management mode of the social security fund, knowing the insufficiency of China social security fund’s investment management.


Insurance English

Pre-requisites: Insurance,Property insurance,Life insurance

Contents: It is a professional English course for the students majoring in insurance. Through the studying of this course, the students will know the professional English words and terms in the aspects of insurance theory, life insurance, property insurance, liability insurance and reinsurance. The students also will learn how to write common English commercial letters and articles used in insurance business, and will have the higher reading ability of English insurance books.



Pre-requisites: Insurance, Property insurance, Life insurance, Insurance English

Contents: Reinsurance has become an important way for risks transfer or risks distraction in the insurance operation. It is based on the principles of reinsurance ,reinsurance contract the development of reinsurance market, mainly introducing proportional insurance, non-proportional insurance, helping students to be acquainted with the risks as Subtotaling mechanism and improve their abilities of application


Marine Insurance

Pre-requisites: Insurance

Contents: This course generally introduces the marine insurance .The students will learn the marine cargo insurance and the hull insurance, especially the clauses of PICC, the ICC clauses and the ITC clauses. Also, the students will learn the management methods and skills of marine insurance business. The knowledge of international trade, international transport and marine law related to the marine insurance is the important contentions of this course too.


Insurance Marketing

Pre-requisites: Insurance, Property insurance, Life insurance

Contents: Insurance marketing is one of the main insurance subjects. It combines insurance and marketing. The teaching contents mainly include: the concept of insurance marketing and its management; insurance marketing ideas and its development; the status of insurance market and insurance demand; management procedure and plan executing; analyzing the inner and outside environment of insurance marketing and the actions of conSubtotalers and competitors in insurance market; discussing the strategies of insurance product combinations and management; studying the method of insurance ratemaking and the strategies of insurance products development and distribution channel; mastering advertisement and public relations strategies and the skill of promoting sales.


Social Insurance

Pre-requisites: Social Security Studies

Contents: Students are required to study and master the function and contention of social insurance, the historical development and the working system in this area. Master the management of the social insurance fund investment,know the working system about the pension, medicare, unemployment and industrial accident insurance,know the reforms happened in these areas in our country。


The International Contrast about Social Security

Pre-requisites: Social Security Studies, Social Insurance

Contents: Students are required to study and master the basic theory, forming and developing condition of the social security  world widely, contrast the differences in the raising and operating of the social security fund;the suitable level of the security,the system and legislation of social security administration, the types of the social insurance , the social welfare and the social relief among the main countries


The Management of Social Security Fund 

Pre-requisites: Social Security Studies, Finance, Investments

Contents: Students are required to study and master the target and the frame of social security fund management, the raising, paying and managing about social security fund,master the system of the regulation about the social security fund  investment f,know the history and the present problem of social security fund management in our country。


Labor Law and Social Security Statute

Pre-requisites: Economic Laws, Social Security Studies

Contents: The course formulates the basic theory of labor law and social security statute, its development, labor norm law, regulation of labor rights and duties, resolution of labor troubles etc. With our case study approach, students will be able to apply them to daily operations and special situations.


Salary and Employee’s Welfare Management  

Pre-requisites: Labor Economics, Social Security Studies, Social Insurance

Contents: Students are required to study and master the history, the present and the possible future about the employee welfare, the composing of the employee welfare, the design of the system and the management, the mode of the employee welfare plan, and the programme and management of the occupational pension project.