Major Courses

Health Care

Content: This course is mainly offered to the students who can’t attend the heavy exercise. It includes Eight-sectioned Exercise, dao yin yang sheng gong, the massage methods in the sports medicine and prevention and management of sports injuries, as well as, there are some low intensity ball games. Its main character is low exercise and intensity, rich and simple teaching content and the slow and gentle sport items. It has varied teaching methods, full of validity and interesting. It can not only adjust body and heart, but also enhance the student’s health, all together, combined with the introduction and explanation of heath knowledge. It is believed that students can draw the happiness and sense of achievement from this course.

Content: Basketball is one of the favorite sports. Basketball was deliberately created in 1891 by a physical education teacherin Massachusetts, James Nesmith by use for reference other ball sports. Basketball is the sport restricted in strict and special rules, using the 600-650grams ball, takes place on a piste28mlong and15mwide, made by throwing the ball through this goalwithin the time. It is the game in which points are won for taking the high points.

Content: Volleyball is the antagonistic team game that is played by hand over net. Different groups of people can play volleyball on different court. Volleyball can enhance athletic ability, develop judgment, concentration, speed of thought qualities, culture tree's tact, bravery and cooperation.

Table Tennis
Content: Table tennis is our national sport which is popular and has a solid foundation among the masses. The character of table tennis is the small ball, quick speed and varied change. The equipment of it is easy and simple, it can be played both outside and indoors, the workout can be controlled easily. Different age and sex people can attend it. So, this game is easy to be developed and popularized. Playing table tennis can not only develop people’s agility, coordination, the movement speed and the movement ability of the arms and legs, the heart and vascular system function, but also cultivate people’s determination, intelligence and so on. 

Content: karate is an old and attractive game that originated from China and develops in Japan. Its main feature is bare hands, fists and legs for a fight, this is a simple, functional and easy game, and it can cultivate player’s inward reflections. It was much taken with modern college students because it can help them to build body, protect their body and cultivate themselves. This course is mainly to culture the student’s decency, tolerance, modesty and mental toughness, develop their strength, sensitivity, flexibility, endurance and speed qualities.

Tai-chi Chuan
Content: Tai-chi Chuan is a richly historical Wushu sports. It plays an active role in body-building, protection body and amusement; it is a good method for people to improve confidence and vigor. The main task of this course is to impark all kinds of Tai-chi Chuan’s technique and skill under purposefully arranged by the teacher, to make students master the simplified version of Tai-chi Chuan, to help students build up their health through physical exercises which grounds them thoroughly in sports in all their life.

Content: Tennis gathers body-building, amusement and competition as one unity which is popular all over the world. It has become the second ball game in the world. It is the special course which can help students to develop the strength, sensitivity, flexibility, endurance and speed qualities.

Content: Badminton is the small-sized ball game which is one of the favorite sports of the people. It is played by two people or four people who strike the ball over net. It is very popular with the students because of its easy act, simple equipment and full of interesting. Attending badminton can help students to develop their agility and coordination, enhance their heart and the lungs function, train their good qualities of indomitableness and fortitude.

Content: Football is an antagonistic team game which is driven or propelled with the foot, it was named "The first sports in the world" and it was widely loved by the people all over the world. It has a true value of exercise and appreciation. Attending this game often can enhance the body fitness, develop the player’s movement ability, and train their good qualities of indomitableness and fortitude.

Content: Fencing is the Traditional sports with a long history; it belongs to skilled and one-to-one combat sports. It is the sports that both players use thrust or pass action to carry out the match with the hard resilient steel sword. It can culture student’s indomitableness and fortitude qualities through this course. The main task of this course is to impark the gesture, basic step methods, counter-attack skill, and combined technique and exercise. We put the point upon the match in order to enhance the student’s agility, react on the brain and rapid-reaction ability. We carry out this class by one-to-one form to help students improve their command of the movement.

Content: Body mechanics, also known as the aerobics, is always in the accompaniment of music, and under different types of gymnast. It is a fusion of gymnastics, dance and music .Regular aerobics training, not only in vivo fitness, improves coordination, sense of rhythm, sense of rhythm and performance, but also stimulates emotional, physical and psychological pleasure. More importantly, the aerobics brings people passionate emotional experience, in line with the pursuit of modern bodybuilding and  the need of entertained, therefore It was the masses love

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Content: Rhythmic Gymnastics is in the accompaniment of music with natural and rhythmic movements of the foundation of the sport. Frequent rhythmic gymnastics endows the body organs, the function of the system and the various physical fitness and physical activity with balanced development. Rhythmic Gymnastics makes continued physical growth, especially for the correct body position with good results. Upholding the rhythmic gymnastics training can effectively promote the physical aerobics, the elegant temperament and instrument formation.

Content: Golf is an outdoor sport in which a player hits a small hard ball over a long distance. It is played on a large area about sixty hectares called a golf course. The course is divided into eighteen areas, called holes, of different lengths and difficulty. Players must hit the ball into a small cup in the ground at the end of each of the eighteen holes. The player who hits the ball the fewest number of times while playing the eighteen holes is the winner.

Aerobic Dance
Content:AEROBIC DANCE is an aerobic exercise with dancing to the rhythm of music, while aerobic dance can consume more calories, on the one hand, it can make dance similar to aerobics, through aerobic training in the form of repeated or combined exercises. Aerobic dance moves don’t like aerobics gymnastics, aerobic dance has many styles, Music and dance are linked closely together, and training can achieve physical and mental pleasure, while people's creativity and imagination, performance and art cultivation comprehensive ability can also be increased.

Content: Kickboxing combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning and toning. Unlike other types of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between competitors. Aerobic kickboxing enhances the effectiveness of muscle strength, flexibility and body flexibility; Consuming large amounts of energy; The height of the special response training effect; Enhance self-confidence, regulating emotions, and relax spirit.

Content: Ballet is a new fashion of fitness campaign. It is a vibrant combination of aerobic exercises and graceful ballet movements, it does good to improve the figure and is very effective in shaping elegant body movements

Step Aerobics
Content: Step Aerobics dates back to 1968 in America and was popular in the world then. It is a kind of setting – up. It is becoming a fashionable sport for exercising and losing weight. Step exercising is a kind of aerobic sport often practiced from a 4-10 inch step to the floor. It is a middle Exercise Intensity aerobic sport which is very challenge and enjoyable. People does not need a high skill of dancing, they mainly do it on and around their steps. Therefore, aerobic setting-up is a kind of effective sport for exercising and losing weight.

Content: Yoga is a science that involves medicine, science, and philosophy. It gives people happiness and wisdom from their hearts. People's minds and characters can be improved by it. We not only do it emotionally but also intellectually. It helps people to get a slim figure and beautiful skin and reaches the basic healthy beauty, quiet body beauty, inside beauty and the entity beauty.

Content: The earliest aerobic dances are all with the Latin style, for instance, aerobic dance with jazz dance style; later there appears SALSA AEROBICS. This is a fairly fast aerobic dance with Latin dance style. It learned from many as paragons dance, exactly dance, tango, samba style. AEROSALSA characterized by many hip movements, beautiful movements.