School Introduction

Department of Pysical Education

Department of Physical Education is the teaching unit giving first place to sports teaching,Sports teaching missions such as sports teaching, motion training, group contest being taking on the student of entire school.

Take that "health come first" as guiding ideology, take teaching and educational reform as centre, emphasizing reinforcing teaching administration and ranks of teachers, to train student's sports mental consciousness, the habit taking the body exercise all self's life, strengthens the student's sports ability, molds that physique is healthy four having talented person to be ultimate purpose.

There are 21 teachers (including 1 professor, 5 vice professors, 10 lecturers, 5 assistants) and 4 educational guides in Department of Physical Education. Department Office, The 1st teaching and research room, the 2nd teaching and research room, Center for Testing Students Fitness and Health and Fencing management center are the subsections of the Sport Department.

Sport Department activity lieu accounts for field about ten thousand square meters, tracks and fields among them 1 pieces, 14 pieces of basketball courts, 2 pieces of volleyball courts, 1 fencing halls, 1 table tennis ball houses, 2 pieces of tennis courts, football trains 2 pieces. The Sports Department has several junior college item sport team such as fencing, karate, handball, basketball, aerobics, tennis ball etc., strict management and science being in progress throughout the year train. My yard fencing team has got excellent results especially in moving competition and exchanging match at home and abroad in what be participated in the whole nation、province、step of city colleges and universities. Be that the academy gains 466 medals, 190 gold medals, 144 silver medals and 132 bronze medals among them from 1990 to 2014 together.

Plan and target the days to come: With higher education cause develop at full speed, level sports teaching headquarter sports teaching job essential points being perfected further, developing the sports teaching curriculum and sports teaching pattern having the Shanghai finance university characteristic , improving scientific management, build high-caliber one teaching body.